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Why attend the Integration Sessions?

These sessions are aimed at integrating transpersonal experiences, work with expanded states of consciousness, and to offer support to those who are going through a spiritual emergency. There is an increasing number of people who have experiences of expanded states of consciousness, using different tools (breathing techniques, psychedelic substances, meditation, master plants, etc.) and in different contexts.

Many times people have these experiences in uncontrolled or unsafe environments, and they are not always accompanied by adequate preparation and integration. This is the main reason for offering this space to those who need integration work after having had an experience of these characteristics, helping to integrate the experience at different levels: physical, emotional, cognitive and spiritual.

Integration is one of the most important aspects when doing deep self-exploration work. These sessions are aimed at offering tools and helping the person find a way to root and integrate the contents of the experiences lived in expanded states of consciousness.

Integration sessions last between 1 and 2 hours, depending on each particular case. They are offered in a timely manner, without the need to be carrying out a psychotherapeutic process.

NOTE: Although psychotherapeutic tools are used, integration sessions are not intended to be a substitute for psychotherapy.

By attending an integration session you will be able to:

Integrate deep transpersonal experiences and work with expanded states of consciousness that you had not been able to adequately elaborate.

Encontrar un apoyo y acompañamiento si estas atravesando una emergencia espiritual.

Find meaning in your transpersonal experiences and integrate them, without putting negative labels or pathologizing them.

Know maps of consciousness that recognize the existence of transpersonal dimensions and the value of experiences in expanded states of consciousness.

Increase awareness and expression of the emotional world.

Facilitate connection with the inner world and increase introspective capacity.

Connect with the transpersonal or spiritual dimension of your being, accessing a broader perspective about yourself and the environment that surrounds you.

Break old repetitive patterns that block you and connect with your own inner resources.

Find your own spiritual path, reaching a greater balance between the physical, emotional, cognitive and spiritual dimensions of your being.

By attending an integration session you will be able to:

By attending an integration session you will be able to:

Transpersonally oriented psychotherapy, using Stan Grof and Ken Wilber's maps of consciousness to help the person locate their experiences within these maps, without pathologizing them.

Meditation and centering

Gestalt Therapy

Body work and bioenergetic exercises

Breathing exercises

Use of expressive drawing, writing and other art forms

Investment and Form

In the integration sessions, the investment is €70 per one-hour session. The duration of the sessions is variable depending on each particular case, and the value of the session will be proportional. The integration sessions are punctual, and depending on each case, several sessions can be carried out distributed in a period of time agreed between the client and the therapist.

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